Creating fantastic outcomes for you and your business

Our products include:

  • Lumesse TalentLink is our true SaaS, integrated talent management solution for organisations of all sizes.
  • Lumesse ETWeb is a fully integrated talent management solution available on-premises or fully Lumesse hosted.
  • Lumesse Learning Gateway is a powerful, flexible and affordable cloud-based learning management system.
  • Lumesse CourseBuilder is a web and cloud-based content development platform to create, update, reuse and share e-learning content.

Our services include:

  • Implementation − with professional, practical help based on international standards.
  • Learning content − on-demand learning and customer content development - what could be better than training built just for you?
  • Best practice  expert consultants helping you get the best from our integrated talent management technology.
  • Training  Practical, participative and enjoyable, helping you become more successful and productive
  • Support  Help and advice, when you need it, in your timezone and language.
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Best of Breed Talent Acquistion

Lumesse Talent Acquisition helps organisations to recruit, engage, and onboard top talent through a dedicated Recruitment platform that manages the Talent Acquisition end-to-end.  We work with over 1200 companies globally and our goal is simple, help all of our clients recruit the people they need to be successful.

How do we do this? By giving them the tools to craft recruitment process that are tailored to their unique requirements and enable clients to build user experiences that are beautiful, simple and engaging wherever they are on their Talent Acquisition journey.

We have also engaged the world’s leading vendors across the Talent Acquisition life-cycle to give you access to cutting-edge 3rd party tools and solutions through our recruitment Marketplace. More than a solution provider though, Lumesse is committed to being your Talent Acquisition partner through best-in-class process and technical solutions…with our dedicated team of experts will joining you on your Talent Acquisition journey.

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Unlocking human potential

Lumesse ETWeb is a fully integrated talent management solution trusted by big brands such as PUMA, Philips and Group PSA Peugeot Citroën. Lumesse ETWeb,100% web-based and delivered from your own datacentre or fully hosted by us, is the product of many years' experience in helping great businesses large and small, unlock their human potential.

Lumesse ETWeb covers:

  • HR Core
  • Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Skills and Competency Management
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Career and Succession Planning
  • HR Analytics
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Learning Gateway

Keep your people learning

Lumesse Learning Gateway is a powerful and affordable cloud-based learning management system. It provides a flexible yet comprehensive platform for delivering and managing sophisticated blended learning programmes that can include tests and assessments, e-learning, instructor-led training, and social learning.

Lumesse Learning Gateway is delivered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)solution configurable to your exact needs with rapid implementation. Our solution is scalable for any number of learners and offers the unique capability to set up different learning portals for different types of learners in your organisation.

Create - Share - Collaborate

Organisations have a wide choice of content authoring software. But not all authoring tools are created equal. Lumesse CourseBuilder stands out by making content development and content management faster, easier, and more intuitive.