The Lumesse Journey

Lumesse works with hundreds of global businesses from Audi to Air Liquide, from LVMH to Lloyds Bank and they all have one thing on common, their businesses are built on their people. So why is HR Technology not created with people in mind? At Lumesse we think differently about the world of Talent Management. With 20+ years of pure Talent Management and Recruiting experience we know what it means to deliver solutions to our customers that are people driven, with a cutting edge user experience across the employee lifecycle from recruitment all the way to succession planning

Talent is in our DNA

We build next generation, cloud based solutions that are quick to deploy but are powerful enough to handle the needs of the most demanding global businesses. Our recruiting suite is the most fully featured solution on the market and is designed to support all recruitment types as well as being an enabler for the world’s most successful RPOs. Our end-to-end integrated talent suite is leading the way in consumer led experience and offers a ground breaking approach to performance management, career planning and learning through the latest personalisation and social features..

We have a dedicated and experienced team of Talent Management and Recruiting experts who are waiting to hear how we can help you become a leader in this space. Seeing is believing so get in touch today so we can show you people centric innovation in action. 

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